Weekend Jobs Available in Philadelphia

Students in Philadelphia can actually earn while going to school. They can do this by finding weekend jobs where, obviously, they only get to work during weekends. By doing this type of job, they will be able to earn extra money to add up to their allowances and they won’t have to ask their parents for money to buy the stuff they want.

Types of Weekend Jobs

• Retailing

Retail stores usually offer a weekend job for students. All they have to do is to fill out applications to apply for the position which can be done online or personally. The positions that are usually open for this type of job are cashiers or stock replenishment associates. Students can actually benefit from these positions not only from it competitive salary, but they will also gain effective communication skills as well.

• Restaurant Staff

Most students frequently work as a restaurant staff on weekends. This is primarily because restaurants have a lot of job positions that are waiting to be filled in. Students can bus tables or waiter/waitress for several hours – especially during peak times – on a weekend. More often than not, they are paid hourly by the owners. They will also gain communication skills for this job.

• Tutoring

There are a number of students who enjoy studying and learning new things in class. These students have the potential to become a good tutor which they can use to earn extra cash. They may charge tutees hourly or for a fixed price per session. They will be able to impart their knowledge and everything they have learned about the subject matter to other person. One of the benefits of this job is that they do not have to work long hours.

• Babysitter or Housekeeper

Babysitting and housekeeping are two of the common jobs a student can take during weekends. However, this may not be on a regular basis depending on whether the employer hires them permanently or only on-call.

•Truck Driver

Driving a truck and be a very stable job. In order to drive larger trucks you will need to get your CDL. Dumpster Rental companies often employ 30-40 drivers to run their fleet of trucks. If you are looking for a driving job that does not require a CDl you can drive for a local junk removal company.

Tips in Choosing the Best Career Path

Choosing the best career for you can be hard to do. In fact, it may take years for you to realize what is best for you. However, if you have carefully managed and planned your career, knowing it may just come easy. This can be done by careful planning and some serious self-assessment. Once you’ve done this, you are on your way to a highly satisfying career.

Take your Interests into Consideration

  • Identify your dream career. There will always be that one career path that you would like to go to. No matter what it is and even if it may seem impossible to achieve, you can always reach it with hard work and dedication.
  • List down your hobbies and determine which of them you are best at. More often than not, these hobbies can lead you to something that can satisfy you in the future.
  • Determine which subjects you enjoyed most in class. You don’t have to be the best one at it – in fact, you can be worst at it; but if you enjoy it, then you might consider a career on that field of study. Remember, even if you are not the brightest kid in that subject, you can still excel in that field as long as you put your heart in to it; everything can be learned through time and perseverance.

Take your Skills into Consideration

  • Think about the skills you are good at such as cooking or DIY. If you are skillful enough, you might not need to go schooling to land a job. Skilled workers are in demand nowadays.
  • If you have good interpersonal skills, then consider careers that involve communicating and interacting directly with people. There are actually jobs as social workers, sales agents, and so on.
  • Note that if you cannot determine the skills that you are good at, you can always ask your family, friends, teachers, or counselors.

Take your Current State of Living into Consideration

  • Explore and get to know yourself better. You may have not decided on a career path yet, but it will come to you. You need to have understanding on what makes you feel happy. This will usually take some time so take a time off and go somewhere peaceful for you to have a reflection.
  • Make sure that the career you are chasing does not affect your current financial situation. There are some career paths that may be expensive because they often require special schooling. However, there are scholarships and grants for this.

Take your Future into Consideration

  • Consider the careers that you can easily access to through location and connections. Nowadays, you may need connections from the inside in order for you to land a job or to excel at a career.
  • Choose a career path that will make you financially secure in the future.
  • Choose a career that will provide you stability. The economy is very unpredictable; a career that is stable will be safer when the economy goes down.

The Basics about the Medical Jobs in Philadelphia

The medical careers are one of the highest paying careers in Philadelphia today. In fact, Pennsylvania is considered to the center for medical education and medical science in the US. There are a lot of professions you can take in this field; you can be a doctor, anesthesiologist, nurse, therapists, and other jobs in the health care industry. Generally, this career involves taking care of those who are unwell and ill, and making sure they get the services they need to survive.

Duties of the Medical Professionals

Since there are different types of medical professionals, each of their responsibilities may differ but their goals are basically the same, if not related. The health care professionals, such as the doctors and nurses, basically work directly with the patients to aid in their healing, in the reduction of their pain, and to provide preventative care. Their job may include performing physical examinations, administration of medications, hospital care, or outpatient care.

Health care non-professionals like practical nurses, on the other hand, also work directly with the patients but in a different level; they are responsible mainly for monitoring patient’s conditions and reporting directly to the doctors and nurses.

There are also careers in the medical field that are administrative in nature; they include front-desk personnel, billing managers, admitting unit, as well as record keepers. Their work involves mainly in the management of the records of the health care team.

Education and Training

It is important to note that everybody in the medical field that works directly with patients requires proper training and education. Doctors, for example, must be able to get a bachelor’s degree as their pre-med; this includes degree in physical science. After that, they can now be admitted to the degree on medicine. As soon as they have finished their education and training, they need to be able to get a license to work as a professional.

The nursing career has a complex hierarchy. In this career, you can either be a practical nurse, a nurse with an associate’s degree, or a BSN degree holder. Practical nurses technically only get a year of training. An associate’s degree holder, on the other hand, needs to finish 2 years. Meanwhile, a BSN degree holder needs to finish four years of study. One can get further education and hold a master’s degree and doctorate degree as well.

There are different types of therapist in the medical setting; usually, they can further their education to at least a master’s degree. Psychiatrists and psychologists, on the other hand, can obtain a medical or a doctorate degree.

The administrative careers on the medical field, however, do not require a degree to be able to do their job. However, there are technical schools in which they can obtain certificates from to get an edge over the others.

How to Look for Part-time Jobs in Philadelphia

There are a lot of locals in Philadelphia that work as a part-time; maybe because they have children to attend to at home, or they need to earn extra money apart from their full-time jobs, or they have retired already but their pensions are just too small to shoulder their expenses. Whatever their reasons are, there are several ways on earning money part-time.

Steps in Finding a Part-time Job

  • Assess yourself and determine what your interests are. It is important to note that it is always advisable to find a job that is exciting and interesting for you so that you will be able to enjoy the experience.
  • Determine whether you want a part-time job from home or at the office. For full-time parents, it is advisable for them to find a job from home so that they can also work while taking care of the kids.
  • Look for available part-time jobs in the local newspaper ads. More often than not, businesses that do not have a website posts job vacancy ads on the newspaper. You can also do research online.
  • Place an ad about your skills. Should you wish to be self-employed, post ads that list the services you are willing to provide to potential customers.

Part-time Job Ideas

  • If you have a car and you know the ins and outs of Philadelphia, you may use your car to deliver pizzas or other foods. Some fast food chains hire cars to deliver food orders to the customers.
  • You can provide services for running errands. This is usually hired by people who have hectic schedules where they won’t be able to do even the easiest tasks such as buying groceries, going to the drug stores, getting items from one place, and so on. The main idea is you are going to run errands for them.
  • Care taker for animals. Most people living alone or those who travel a lot look for these types of services to take their pets for a walk, groom them, and feed them.
  • Find a job in sales. If you are someone who likes a specific stuff such as clothes or shoes, you may look for a job at the mall. These jobs may offer you lots of benefits such as employee discounts on their merchandise.
  • Wait and bus tables at a bar or restaurant. It is important to note that this type of job may require you to work during nights and weekends. One of the benefits of this job is that you will be able to receive tips from customers aside from the salary you are getting from the restaurant.

How to Get Summer Jobs in Philadelphia

Summer time in Philadelphia can be very long and boring especially when you don’t have anything else to do but to bum around and wait for the school to start. However, it is also a perfect opportunity to earn, save money, and be productive. This can be done through getting a summer job; just make sure that you are willing to take a job or be self-employed for the time-being.

Steps in Getting a Summer Job in Philadelphia

  • Browse through available summer jobs on the local newspaper in Philadelphia. You can also browse through local job search forums online. More often than not, summer jobs are offered by restaurants, fast food chains, groceries, and some stores at the mall.
  • Get advices from your school counselor. If you like the idea of working with kids on a summer camp, these counselors can help you apply for the job. They can also help you land an internship job for the summer depending on the degree you are taking. Aside from that, they can even provide you with contacts that can possibly hire you for the summer.
  • Get in touch with your church minister. They may have information about summer jobs in the area for they have connections with business men and women in the congregation. Aside from that, churches may hold activity camps where you can volunteer as a helper or counselor.
  • Advertise yourself in the internet or the classified ads portion of the local newspaper. Create a brief, catchy tag line that will catch the attention of potential employers. Note that you should emphasize your positive traits, your willingness to work and learn, as well as your flexibility for the time being.
  • You can start a summer business. You can provide services that are within your niche and skills. Offer services such as mowing the lawns, babysitting, housekeeping, caretaking, dog walking, and many more.

Employment Ads in Philadelphia

There are a lot of ways on how to look for a job in Philadelphia. You can make use of employment ads placed by companies that are currently hiring for additional staffs. These ads contain information about the current open position; the job description, duties & responsibilities, qualification, and possibly the salary. Knowing where to look is essential if you want to land in the right job.

Types of Employment Ads

• Newspaper

Local newspapers in Philadelphia, as well as national newspapers, have a classified ads section wherein companies can post a “job hiring” ad to attract applicants. It may not contain a detailed explanation about the job, but it leaves you contact information that you can call or go to for you to learn more about it. The ads are usually brief and concise in which you will have a general idea on what it is about.

• Online Ads

More companies nowadays turn to the internet to attract potential employees because, frankly speaking, most people read the internet more than they read newspapers. Online ads can be found in an online job board website, the company’s website, or the social media. Among the three, social media is highly recommended if one wants to have a huge selection of applicants for various available job positions. More often than not, job ads online contain a detailed explanation about the job; the complete job description, qualifications, duties & responsibilities, and how to apply for the position. Note, however, that the internet is also a venue for scammers. So, be very mindful about the security or the credibility of the ad.

• Fliers

Companies can also advertise job vacancies through fliers which can be handed out by a representative or posted on the windows of stores, lamp posts, walls, and bulletin boards. If you are currently looking for a job, browse through these fliers; you might find something that just suits you.

Creating a Career Management Plan in Philadelphia

Career management is very important in order for you to be successful in your field of work in Philadelphia. To successfully manage your career, you need to have a plan. Planning involves you to reflect on yourself; what do you want yourself to be in the future. Aside from that you may have to research on how you achieve your goals, carefully plan actions, and set short-term goals that will help you reach the main one.

Steps in Making a Career Management Plan

  • Assess yourself in terms of your skills, interests, character, education, and capabilities. You can do this by taking assessment tests online; IDEAS assessment, Myers-Briggs, and others.
  • Determine your career path and goals based on these assessments. Take note that you need not change the path you are on right now; however, it will help you determine which path to undertake in your career.
  • Gather a career market analysis data for Philadelphia. You will be able to acquire this through the Bureau of Labor Statistics; they will be able to provide you with the current and future data. Check whether your career is good for the long-term. If not, then you might as well consider other options; plan a time for exploring other alternatives.
  • Create a compensation plan. Information about salary rates in Philadelphia can be obtained from Bureau of Labor Statistics. With the information they will give you, set goals on how much you would like to earn in the future; set time limits. Note that when creating this plan, it is important to be realistic in a way that you should be aware of the worth of your skills. Depending on the market, you may need to adjust this plan from time to time.
  • Gather the tools that allow you to market yourself; resume, cover letter, list of references, assessment results, and work samples of yourself. When needed, update the documents from time to time.

Availing Career Counseling Services in Philadelphia

It is a fact that employees in Philadelphia come and go mainly because they don’t keep their jobs long enough for a good pay raise and promotion or companies lay them off for whatever reasons. More often than not, when this happens, employees start over or they may even change careers. Whatever reasons they may have, it is highly recommended that they get career counseling.

Steps in Getting Career Counseling

  • Assess yourself. Determine your skills and interests and list them in a piece of paper.
  • If possible and applicable, get in touch with your high school career coach. This coach will help you decide which career path will suit you. He/she can help you determine the perfect job.
  • Get some advice from your college career counselor. They are trained to help you determine which jobs you will excel at. Aside from that, they can also advice you whether or not you will need a continuing education to be able to achieve your career goals.
  • There are actually career counseling services. You can look through the yellow pages on your directory or browse through classified ads to locate them in Philadelphia. You can also search for them online.
  • Get advices from family friends on where to get the best career counseling services in the area; don’t forget to get their names and contact numbers.
  • You can also research about these services in the local library in Philadelphia. Career counseling services may be offered by the local government and other public organizations.
  • Check the website of the National Career Development Association as they may provide you with information about the “Master Career Counselors” and “Master Career Development Professionals” in Philadelphia.
  • Search about licensed professional career counselors in Philadelphia at the website of National Board for Certified Counselors.
  • You can also ask advices from military recruiters for free.

Annual Job Fairs in Philadelphia

It is easy to land a job in Philadelphia if you know where to look. You may see offers in a print add, at a store’s window, or online; however, these methods may not give you a variety of prospective employers to submit your applications to.

For you to be able to have an idea on how many vacancies you can apply to in Philadelphia, it is highly recommended for you to attend job fairs. A job fair is a venue wherein companies in the entire state or country directly look for potential employees that they can add to their staff.

Grand Slam Career Fair

Grand Slam Career Fair is an annual event hosted by Job Circle which is usually held at the Sports Complex in South Broad Street. It is held during summer where Job Circle invites jobseekers to bring their resumes and wear a smart casual business attires to meet the HR representatives of various companies. Companies and government agencies that participated in this event include Drexel University, Citizens Bank, Coca-Cola, IRS, FBI, and others.

Mega Career Fair

Mega Career Fair is hosted by Philadelphia Inquirer, Fox 29m and Monster.com which is he held annually during the fall season held at the Lincoln Financial Field. There are usually about 5,000 jobseekers who join the event to meet with the representatives from various Philadelphia companies and business establishments that have job vacancies. Aside from the opportunity to meet them, they also offer seminars that are about techniques on how to answer interview questions, writing resumes, and other skills for free.

Philadelphia Area Minority Job Fair

The Philadelphia Area Minority Job Fair (PAMJF) is hosted by the Legal Recruitment Administrators of Philadelphia since 1991. Their main goal is to increase the recruitment of the minorities for legal professions. It technically paves a way for minority students educated in Philadelphia and Philadelphia-area law schools to meet with representatives from government agencies, corporations, and other private practices.


Greater Philadelphia Area Law Schools Job Fair

The Greater Philadelphia Area Law Schools (GPALS) is an organization of law schools in Philadelphia which consists of University of Pennsylvania and Temple, Penn State University, Rutgers University, Widener University, and Villanova University. This organization holds an annual job fair for the students of these schools to give them an opportunity to connect and meet with representatives from government and its judiciary department, as well as the law firms’ representatives.

University of the Sciences Career Fair

University of the Sciences in Philadelphia holds an annual career fair for its students to meet HR representatives from the health care industry and other potential employers.